Koen Brocken

"How all-round can it be?"

"In my tax consultancy work - which has been going on for more than thirty years - I have gained experience in all kinds of fields. And these were certainly not all related to tax issues. Civil and legal advice and the supervision of company takeovers, whether by members of the family or otherwise, have become a more and more important part of my work. Involvement, reliability and creativity are the main themes of my work. The more complicated the assignment, the more enjoyable it is! Besides my work at Sophista I also work as a tax consultant at Actan accountants & advisers. As a result I am able to provide important after-care for new clients who sell their companies in the form of, for example, personal financial planning, estate planning and all the necessary tax returns."

Koen Brocken started his career at the Tax and Customs Administration in 1982. After completing his auditor training he spent six years processing tax returns, specialising in corporation tax. In the evenings he studied fiscal law at Leiden University. In 1991 he changed jobs and started working as a general tax consultant for Ernst & Young in Haarlem. Six years later he switched to the Alkmaar office of Ernst & Young, where he became a partner of the fiscal partnership in 2000. In mid 2005 Koen left the partnership and joined Actan and Sophista as director/shareholder at the beginning of 2006.

E-mail: koen.brocken@sophista.nl

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