André Scheirlinck

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“At Sophista I and the project team advise and support entrepreneurs with corporate finance issues, such as in mergers and takeovers, shareholder accession and buyouts, the accession of venture capital companies and informals, recapitalisation and investment and disinvestment issues. Our expertise, experience and network allow us to add value to any process. The dynamism of corporate finance issues is something that particularly appeals to me. Every business case challenges you to provide the entrepreneur with the best strategic advice. Going to the heart of the entrepreneur's business and identifying trends and possibilities is important in this respect. We do our work with a great deal of passion.”

André Scheirlinck has worked at Sophista since 2008 and, since then, has been involved as a consultant in many merger and takeover processes as well as in financing issues in a whole range of areas and sectors of business. André is a business economist and graduated as Business Valuator at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2013. As a Chartered Business Valuator affiliated to the NIRV he draws up independent business valuations, supports parties in legal proceedings and is involved in all kinds of corporate finance activities such as company financing, value based management and (dis)investment issues.


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