Venture capital

A key element of financing is that we often have to deal with complex financing issues when a banking institution does not want to invest due to the current economic circumstances. In the last few years we have therefore built up a network of alternative financiers, made up of venture capital companies and informal investors who are prepared to invest.

Alternative forms of finance

These alternative forms of financing are mainly of interest in the event of, for example, a new business or a rapidly growing business. Venture capital companies and informal investors are actually prepared to invest in propositions with a relatively high risk. On the other hand, this form of financing is often more expensive for the entrepreneur.

Supervision of financing process

We supervise entrepreneurs throughout the entire financing process, from determining the amount to be invested, risk analyses, operating cycles, securities and business valuations right through to the definitive financing application to the most suitable provider of capital that is prepared to invest. For more information, please call us on +31 (0)72 540 80 10 or e-mail us at

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