Bank financing

In the majority of company takeovers, the parties involved make an ongoing choice for financing via a bank. Bank financing has a number of benefits compared to alternative types of financing:

  • Trusted
  • Applying is straightforward
  • It is a relatively cheap form of financing

However, bank financing does imply periodical repayment commitments and interest payments. These commitments reduce the cash flow of your business and this is something you need to take account of in your calculations in order to find the right type of financing.

Standing up for your interests

Sophista is a completely independent consultancy. This means we can always devote ourselves 100% to protecting your interests. We know exactly how banks work. Certainly in somewhat economically uncertain times it is good to have a partner that can provide you with expert guidance on how to deal with complex financing issues. Our task is to ensure optimal conditions. Please feel free to contact one of our consultants right now. 

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