Transfer of family business

Sometimes, entrepreneurs want to transfer their company to one or more of their children. A transfer within the family like this can be quite stressful:

  • Do you have enough confidence in your children?
  • Do you see in them the entrepreneur that you were at their age?
  • Do they take their responsibility or do they know that they can always rely on you?
  • Are others not being overlooked (both within the organisation and within the family)?
  • What will be the effects on the organisation?

Sounding board and buffer

In these situations Sophista acts as a sounding board and a buffer. We talk to all parties and create an awareness which is essential for a successful transfer (in the future). All aspects of the transfer within the family must be clear and transparent to all family members. Sophista has plenty of experience with supervising this process. 

Valuation of the family business

A key aspects of a transfer within the family is the valuation of the business. Particularly in the case of there being a number of children, the valuation within the framework of the transfer must be a reflection of (expected) returns and risks at market level. Would you like more information on how Sophista can assist you both during the preparatory analysis for the business valuation and the transfer process? Please feel free to contact us. 

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