The sales process

The Sophista specialists will, as active and expert advisers, help you with the process of selling your company and will carry out the following work during the sales process, together with your current advisers or otherwise.

  • Strategy formulation and profile specification. In consultation with you we decide how to structure the sales process and we establish the preconditions.
  • Market analysis and research. A market analysis is carried out to enable an estimation and assessment of the opportunities and threats in the market.
  • Drawing up a valuation and information memorandum. We will carry out initial valuation and determine the bandwidth which will apply to the value of the business. This will help create a basis for the negotiation strategy later on in the sales process. In addition, we will draw up an information memorandum which will describe the strategic added value of the business for potential purchasers.
  • Drawing up a longlist of potential candidates. On the basis of the analyses, and in consultation with you (after all you know your sector better than anyone), we will draw up a longlist of possible interested parties.
  • Selecting and approaching candidates. Sophista will approach the possible interested parties without disclosing details of the entrepreneur. Only after a confidentiality declaration has been signed will we tell them which business is involved and issue them with the information memorandum.
  • Negotiating with candidates. During the negotiations, be carried out as part of the sales process, we will act as a buffer for you so that the processes within the business can continue without disruption. It may also be that you – after the sales process - will establish a cooperation for a certain period to ensure a good transfer, and a good relationship is important in this context.
  • Letter of Intent. Once the negotiations have largely been completed, we will draw up a letter of intent and the due diligence investigation can take place.
  • Due diligence investigation and final negotiations. During this phase of the sales process, we again act as a buffer. We arrange communications between the various parties and conduct the final negotiations.
  • Drawing up the purchase agreement. Once the due diligence investigation has been completed, the purchase agreement will be drawn up, possibly by a lawyer to be appointed at that time.
  • Closing. Eventually, the shares/activities will be transferred and the sales process will be completed by a notary. 

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