The takeover process

When taking over a business, your wishes are, of course, the point of departure. You determine how we support you during the process:

  • Strategy formulation and profile specification. If you are already in contact with a seller, we will draw up a strategy for the takeover process, which will detail the steps that have to be taken and who is going to take them. If you have not yet made contact with a seller, we will first assess what exactly you are looking for and then determine the follow-up steps leading to the takeover.
  • Drawing up a longlist of potential candidates. Sophista will actively look for a suitable company and perform a careful assessment of the various risks. We draw up a longlist of companies that fulfil your takeover requirements.
  • Selecting and approaching candidates. We then discuss this longlist with you, after which we approach these parties while guaranteeing your anonymity in the form of a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Market analysis and valuation. Before an offer can be made or an asking price responded to, the value of the business has to be determined. In addition, as much market information as possible has to be obtained in order to estimate the opportunities and threats of the takeover.
  • Negotiating with candidates. During the negotiations we act as a buffer between you and the seller to ensure that the relationship between you both stays positive. This is important, particularly if you want to work together after the takeover for a while.
  • Letter of Intent. We record the most important points of agreement in an LOI.
  • Due diligence investigation and final negotiations. We also take responsibility for executing or supervising a due diligence investigation (audit). The outcomes of this investigation can result in new negotiations or - in extreme cases - a recommendation not to continue with the transaction due to certain risks.
  • Financing. We are experts on banks' attitude to financing a takeover. As an independent consultancy we can find the best party for you in an entirely impartial way. The ultimate goal is that you, as the entrepreneur, obtain suitable financing for the takeover in conjunction with the best conditions possible.
  • Drawing up the purchase agreement. Once the due diligence investigation has been completed, the purchase agreement for the takeover will be drawn up, possibly by a lawyer to be appointed at that time.
  • Closing. Eventually, the shares/activities will be transferred and the takeover will be completed by a notary. 

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